Al-Huffaadh Academy school Building

Currently, Al-Huffaadh is in the process of establishing a center in Owode Ede, Osun State, Nigeria, where children can memorize the Quran. This community is in urgent need of a dedicated space for Quranic memorization. In response to the efforts of the Christian mission in Nigeria, Al-Huffaadh considers it imperative to establish this Madrasah to provide a counteractive influence, aiming to safeguard Muslim children from what is perceived as detrimental influences.

We earnestly seek the support of the Muslim community to join us in completing these projects, ensuring the success of our mission.

The pursuit of knowledge is a religious duty for every Muslim. Recognizing its significance, Al-Huffaadh Charity Foundation is dedicated to delivering high-quality, comprehensive educational programs that address contemporary needs while preserving classical heritage. We firmly believe that education can cultivate individuals who are not only devout and conscious of Allah but also possess exemplary character, consistently promoting goodness.

On our waiting list, we have a multitude of students eagerly awaiting the opportunity to participate in our programs. However, their financial circumstances prevent them from pursuing their educational goals. In response, the Academic Scholarship Program extends a helping hand to these deserving individuals, offering them the chance to access quality education and fulfill their academic potential.