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Enroll in our course to master the Arabic language effortlessly. With the guidance of our Arabic teachers, you’ll progress from absolute beginner to fluency.

Whether you’re an adult learner or seeking to teach your children, our curriculum covers everything from basic Arabic alphabet and common words to fluent conversation skills.

You’ll learn to communicate, write, and read Arabic accurately, constructing sentences flawlessly and confidently. Join us and embark on a journey to Arabic proficiency with ease.

What I will learn?

  • "In this Arabic course, you will learn:
  • Arabic Alphabet: Mastering the Arabic alphabet, including letters, sounds, and basic pronunciation rules.
  • Vocabulary Building: Acquiring a wide range of vocabulary, including common words and phrases used in everyday communication.
  • Grammar: Understanding Arabic grammar, including verb conjugation, sentence structure, and word formation.
  • Reading and Writing: Developing proficiency in reading Arabic script and writing Arabic sentences and paragraphs.
  • Listening and Speaking: Improving listening comprehension skills and practicing speaking Arabic through conversations, dialogues, and exercises.
  • Cultural Context: Exploring the cultural context of the Arabic language, including customs, traditions, and societal norms.
  • Fluency Development: Working towards fluency in Arabic by practicing speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills regularly.
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Material Includes

  • "- One Complimentary Trial Sessions
  • - 24/7 Access to Online Classes
  • - Personalized One-to-One Live Sessions
  • - Comprehensive Course Materials
  • - Exclusive Pricing Plans and Packages Tailored for Families and Groups
  • - Diverse Range of Courses
  • - Proficient tutors in both Arabic and English languages
  • - Access to Both Female and Male Tutors
  • - 24/7 Support Service by email, live chat & Whatsapp
  • - continuous Assessment for Learning anf Quarterly Progress Reports
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  • "Taking this course is essential because it:
  • 1- Facilitates communication, reading, and writing in Arabic.
  • 2- Guides learners from beginner to fluency with our Arabic teachers.
  • 3- Helps learners master Arabic grammar and construct sentences accurately.
  • 4- Covers the basics of the Arabic alphabet and common vocabulary.
  • 5- Equips learners with conversation skills for smooth and fluent dialogues.
  • 6- Provides a foundation for cultural understanding and integration.
  • Overall, the Arabic course offers a pathway to proficiency in the language, enabling learners to communicate effectively and confidently in Arabic-speaking environments.
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