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  • "In the Ijazahul-Quran course, you will learn:
  • 1- Tajweed: Mastery of the rules of Quranic recitation, including correct pronunciation, articulation, and intonation of letters and words.
  • 2- Tarteel: Rhythmic and melodious recitation of the Quran, focusing on proper pacing, pauses, and cadence.
  • 3- Memorization Techniques: Strategies for memorizing Quranic verses and chapters effectively, aiding in the retention and recitation of the Quran from memory.
  • 4- Sanad: Understanding the chain of transmission (Sanad) that connects you to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) through certified Quranic scholars, ensuring the authenticity of your recitation.
  • 5- Spiritual Reflection: Engaging deeply with the meanings and messages of the Quran, fostering a profound spiritual connection and understanding of its divine guidance.
  • 6- Teaching Skills: Techniques for effectively teaching Quranic recitation to others, including pedagogical approaches and methods for student engagement.
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  • "- One Complimentary Trial Sessions
  • - 24/7 Access to Online Classes
  • - Personalized One-to-One Live Sessions
  • - Comprehensive Course Materials
  • - Achievement Certificates Upon Completion
  • - Exclusive Pricing Plans and Packages Tailored for Families and Groups
  • - Diverse Range of Courses
  • - Proficient tutors in both Arabic and English languages
  • - Access to Both Female and Male Tutors
  • - Instructors Certified with Ijazah
  • - 24/7 Support Service by email, live chat & Whatsapp
  • - continuous Assessment for Learning anf Quarterly Progress Reports
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  • "The Ijazahul-Quran course is a prestigious and profound journey into the art and science of Quranic recitation, designed to certify individuals as proficient reciters and transmitters of the Quran. Rooted in the rich tradition of Islamic scholarship, this course provides students with an opportunity to obtain an official certification, known as an Ijazah, in Quranic recitation, granting them authorization to teach and transmit the Quran with authority and authenticity.
  • Throughout the course, students receive personalized instruction from experienced Quranic scholars who guide them through the intricacies of Tajweed (the rules of Quranic recitation) and Tarteel (the rhythmic and melodious recitation of the Quran). Students learn to master the correct pronunciation, intonation, and articulation of each letter and word of the Quran, ensuring accuracy and precision in their recitation.
  • One of the distinguishing features of the Ijazahul-Quran course is the emphasis on the transmission of knowledge through an unbroken chain of narration (Sanad) dating back to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Students receive their Ijazah from qualified scholars who have themselves been certified through a chain of authorized teachers, ensuring the authenticity and validity of the certification.
  • Beyond technical proficiency, the Ijazahul-Quran course instills in students a deep reverence and love for the Quran, fostering a profound spiritual connection to the sacred text. Through regular recitation, reflection, and contemplation, students develop a profound understanding of the Quran's message and teachings, enabling them to embody its values and principles in their lives.
  • Upon completion of the course and receipt of the Ijazah, students are equipped not only with the technical skills of Quranic recitation but also with the authority and responsibility to teach and transmit the Quranic knowledge to others. They become inheritors of a sacred tradition, entrusted with the noble task of preserving and perpetuating the divine message of the Quran for future generations.
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