Intesive Quran Revision Course

Minimum of 6 months and Maximum of a year

About The Course

The Fast Track Quran Revision and Retention course is designed for students who have memorized portions of the Quran but are encountering challenges in retaining their memorization. This program aims to help students strengthen their retention of previously memorized verses, with a strong emphasis on correct recitation with Tajweed.
Each student undergoes an individual assessment, following which our Academy develops a customized revision module to facilitate strong revision and retention processes on a daily basis. With small class sizes of no more than five students, our highly experienced teachers can regularly review each student’s progress.
At the end of the course, students will be assessed and awarded a certificate of completion


Target Age: 8 years old and above
Length of the Class: One hour
Number of classes/week: 5 classes
Monday – Thursday: 8pm to 9pm (Malaysia time).
Saturday: Tadabbur Al-Quran class 2pm-3pm
Course Duration: 30 days
Number of students/Class: 5 students
Pre-requisites: Student must be proficient in reciting Al-Quran and memorized some portion of it.
Course Fees: Rm450 per student
Date: 24th of June to 27th of July 2024
Course Certificates for all participants
Application Fee: Not required